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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Get Rid Of Captcha on Orkut While Posting an Image..

As we know orkut does not allow us to post images to anyone but our friends .Even if we post an image to our friend we have to go through the annoying captcha (captcha is a spam remover technique in which you have to type the distorted words from an image) .Captcha really gets on our nerve when we are posting image Greetings on New year or Christmas .Well these problems are of course not very awesome .Considering Orkut is one of the leading Social networking sites in the world .

Well on to the image business .Orkut does not display image on any community threads or non friend scraps. And there is an idea to get pass this .There are “non animated really not cool” Smileys in orkut which will appear when we type [:D] ,[:X],[:)] and so on .But most of the Orkut users are not satisfied with this .

The first thing the orkut checks when we input an image link is , That the link is a honest one or not .The honest links are those links which are provided from google services.For example if we add an embed code from myspace videos to a community thread , nothing will happen but when it comes to youtube the video will pop up because the youtube is a google service.So we need to find image hosting service of google (images from blogger ie. the links starts with…. is not a honest link – I don’t know why!).

Google’s Picture hosting site is .Anything we upload on Picasa will appear on your friend’s scrap book with out asking you for Captcha .And it will appear on any community or a non friend’s Scrapbook with captcha . So if you see a nice looking Image on any site (it has to be a picture file like .gif .jpg .png .bmp etc “|.swf won’t do“)

Do the following

   1. Login to Picasa with your google account -create an account if you don’t have one already .note: if you have a blog you can see your uploaded pictures to blogger there! .
   2. Download your favorite smiley set on to yourcomputer .
   3. Click upload on picasa select a album or create one .
   4. Upload the Smiley to picasa .
   5. Click the album which contains your Image.
   6. Click on smiley.
   7. After its completely loaded Right click on it ->Copy link location (or address).
   8. Now post it on your friends Scrapbook ….. See no captcha!!!!

You can also upload your New year wishes picture on it and use some Scarp all software to send the greetings to all of your friends

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