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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How to use bridging mode in bsnl and cheat RapidShare

First type in firefox and selected advanced and wan in leftside and first edit buttton in rightside
then click next i think in first next or in second next u have bridging mode ur option will be previously in ppoe
select bridging then next and save and save/reboot.

Now open network/connections and in left side create a new connection choose that and go next and next until u find setup my connection manually and then type ur isp that is bsnl and next and in next window type ur bsnl username and password also select shortcut on desktop 

Now u can see the icon on the desktop and click this and type ur bsnl password, it will get connected. The benefit of this bridging is after downloading from rapidshare u can disconnect bsnl by rightclick bsnl icon and select disable and again connect it using password so the dynamic ip will be generated each time so again u can download from rapidshare..

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